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Stay Healthy During the Holidays


I’ve never felt so empowered about my children’s health and wellness, even with every herb and nutritional product I’ve researched and tried. The benefits are measurable, the product potent (only need one drop) and the results are powerful.
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Harmony is Powerful


He came by POWER through inducing over two hundred million people to coordinate, with mind and body, in a spirit of HARMONY, for a DEFINITE PURPOSE. Read more →


4 Ways Singles can enjoy ….


I’ve often marveled at how much anticipation and expectation is built up around certain holidays and events such as Valentine’s day. A day to honor Love in all it’s splendor. However more often than not, the weeks leading up to this day of love often nudge people into a slightly less loving space… Read more →


Your Next Chapter is Waiting


“Say Thank You” she was sobbing and resistant but I continued “Say Thank You because you Know god/goddess has put a rainbow in the clouds…they have evicted you – Good on them and Very Good on You because what you’re going to get Darling, they would long for”. Read more →

eldon taylor

Choices and Illusions


Fascinating book about the real reasons we are where we are. How our mind has been being programmed all the time without us being conscious of it. I love the activities Eldon has us do to see the many ways our mind works….. Read more →


The Hu(wo)Man in the Arena


I love this quote from Theodore Roosevelt in his Speech at the Sorbonne, Paris, April 23, 1910, I believe if Mr. Roosevelt was asked, he would agree that in his mentioning of “man” he truly means  “Human”, which includes all us ladies who are actually in the arena striving valiantly. “It is not the critic who counts: not the man… Read more →

Christine and Wayne Dyer

Wayne Dyers Smooch


If you have attended a Hay House I Can Do It event, you will know that the weekend is filled with lectures by really amazing authors and writers in the metaphysical, self help and wellness fields. I recent was given an opportunity by my friends at Hay House to spend the weekend amongst some of the most inspiring spiritual leaders… Read more →


Parents of Special needs kids


 Presents: A Parents Afternoon Away a heart centered workshop for parents of highly sensitive & special needs children Saturday, November 10, 2012 | 2:00-4:00 pm | FREE (love offering) This event is for Adults only The journey of a parent of special needs or highly sensitive child is one that many travel and yet so many of those parents have… Read more →

life is beautiful

Cuddles that Change Life


I would like to share with you a recent interview I did with Debbe Magnusen, founder of Project Cuddle. Project Cuddle is a non-profit organization that offers safe and legal alternatives to baby abandonment. They offer help and resources for pregnant girls and women who find themselves scared and feel that they have no hope or that anyone can help them through this frightening time in their lives. Although this may be a tough one to digest, please read on to find out more about this amazing woman and the many lives Project Cuddle has touched. Read more →